Savinelli’s are some of the best made pipes with which you can never go wrong, particularly the Trevi series. The inspiration for the Trevi series of pipes was drawn from the world famous Trevi Fountains, located in Rome at the bottom of the Spanish Steps. They were designed as a tribute to the waterworks which have continued to feed the Trevi fountain for centuries.

The Savinelli Trevi Rustic 310 Tobacco Pipe is a fairly sleek pipe. Unlike most poker shaped pipes which have short and stubby stems, the Trevi 310 has a much longer curved stem. It has a sensually crafted shank, leading to a wonderful tall and narrow bowl. The 310 has a dark charcoal colored stain and also comes with a virgin rustic finish, which results in a much cooler smoke. Unlike the Roma, the Savinelli Trevi Rustic 310 Tobacco Pipe adds a bit more flash, with a broad nickel band engraved with an aqueduct motif accentuating the end of the shank. The Savinelli Trevi Rustic 310 Tobacco Pipe is the perfect pipe for smoking Virginia based tobacco with a cool glass of Bordeaux wine on a warm summer evening.

The Savinelli Trevi Rustic 310 Tobacco Pipe has a bowl made of briar, meaning you don’t have to worry about unsettling aromas as you enjoy your smoke. Briar also has stunningly beautiful wood grains which serve to give the 310 its prized look. Its stem, on the other hand is made from acrylic. This pipe is made in Italy and comes with a free protective box and sock, making it a perfect gift for you dad or grandpa.

Apart from the stunningly cool look, the Savinelli Trevi Rustic 310 Tobacco Pipe is light weight and feels pretty good in your hand. Some of its best features are its thick walls – which ensure that this pipe smokes very cool – and the wide brim. The 310 also offers excellent air flow over the bowl, which keeps the pipe superbly lit even when you are outdoors, making it the perfect pipe for a smoke as you take your dog for a walk. The 310 is chambered for a 6mm balsa filter, though you can smoke without the filter.

Fan reviews

Here is what fans are saying about the Savinelli Trevi Rustic 310 Tobacco Pipe:

“Well my Savinelli 310 showed today… NICE pipe… It’s light weight and has an EXELLENT feel to it… Looking at it the finish is nice and even however, on the bottom and sides there are a few small pits… I guess that is “caricature” for the pipe and grade… I STILL LOVE IT! Now to find a tobacco to go with it! The filter system is quite unique and does not seem to affect the draw… “

“I have the Trevi 110 KS, which is my first Savinelli and is now responsible for making me a huge Savinelli fan. It’s my go-to pipe in my rotation. Beyond noticeably quality craftsmanship, it smokes and feels like a dream. Due to its weight and length, it’s more of a hold-and-enjoy pipe rather than a clencher. Here are some of the things I love about it: -It has that characteristically smooth-as-silk Savinelli draw even with the balsa filters (which work surprisingly well without imparting flavor or hurting the draw) -Sandblast finish is incredible and the silver ring is gorgeous -It has nice heft and an amazing feel in your hand…I don’t know how else to say it, but it just feels like you’re holding quality. Buy a Trevi! You won’t be sorry.”

“Finally got a Trevi 310 KS, it’s all I thought it would be and more. A pipe for sitting down with when you really want to enjoy your smoke. This is my first Savinelli but won’t be my last! A true masterpiece to own.”

“I bought the 310 KS rustic and I love it! It’s my first Savinelli pipe. Looks so nice and smokes great! Has a good size bowl on it. I am now a Savinelli fan and I’m thinking of buying another one soon.”

“From my experience with the 310, I have to say that Savinelli’s are great pipes. Very well made and deliver a quality smoke every time. You really can’t go wrong if you buy one.”
Savinelli Trevi Rustic 310 Tobacco Pipe is without a doubt the best pipe you can get for its price range. It represents the great history behind the Savinelli brand. The experience of taking a smoke from the Savinelli Trevi Rustic 310 Tobacco Pipe will transport you back in time to the smoke shop founded by Achille Savinelli 125 years ago at Orefici Street in Milan, just across from the Cathedral Center. This pipe is definitely the Ferrari of tobacco pipes.